Retail Smart

Retail Smart is a fan-less compact touch POS terminal housed in aluminum and plastic for both high reliability and mobility. Retail Smart incorporates state-of-the art design concept to integrate various peripherals into one seamless look.

Features Benefits
Integrated Components and Peripherals With a built in printer, customers can choose from integrated peripherals such as, MSR, IC-card reader and customer display.
Compact and Heavy Duty Retail Smart is housed in both aluminum and plastic to be both rugged yet lightweight enough to carry and set up quickly.
Easy Accessed Key Components Key components such as storage HDD, modularized CPU Box, printer module, display and customer display are designed for easy access and simple maintenance.
Colorful Can be customized into various colors. Standard colors include white & black as well as black.
Mobile Top-Up Yes
International Calling Cards Yes
Online Shopping Vouchers Yes
Prepaid Debit Cards Yes
Online Gaming Yes
Bill Payments Yes