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The Prepaid Market is growing rapidly, distribution of Physical Vouchers for  Mobile phones and Internet connection, is most commonly distributed through physical vouchers, strips of paper with codes printed on top that can be bought at different stores and sales locations.

The potential of mobile phone prepaid re-charge lies in turning to electronic distribution in cooperation with operators and distributors. With this new technique, e-vouchers can also be distributed to e.g. Kiosks  and supermarkets.

Electronic Prepaid Services

Turning to electronic prepaid distribution, possibilities are virtually endless. It provides fully integrated virtual ordering and delivery system that caters for virtual airtime products and can be totally automated and available 24 hours.

The system delivers virtual prepaid vouchers to the retail industry allowing you electronically to order products such as MTN, CYTA, TAZA PRIMETEL, LEMONTEL, UKASH, PAYSAFE, MONEYSAFE, CITYCELL WIFI, PRIMETEL WIFI pre-paid vouchers efficiently and accurately and stock is delivered within  seconds. Electronic Prepaid works securely with sales tracking, stock control and used security.

  • You can sell airtime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – anytime
  • Receive & print airtime vouchers  in REAL TIME
  • Continuous availability of all vouchers from our Server to your printer
  • Point of Sale Prepaid Airtime
  • Hold no stock on your premises
  • Get the best prices
  • Get the software for Free

To this day we focus on providing excellent services and products to our large and growing customer base. We propose an excellent way for you to break into the lucrative prepaid airtime market. Do you want to join us?

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