POS Spectra

SPECTRA’s wireless CREON terminal incorporates world-class features to meet the needs of customers. The powerful 32-bit ARM processor secures your competitiveness by completing the transaction in seconds; super fast and silent thermal printer prints receipts at 22.5 lines per second

Features Benefits
Ergonomic and Environmental Friendly Design Small and compact which fits the size of the palm.
Flexible communication options Dual band design supports frequency at 850/PCS 1900 MHz or E-GSM 900/DCS 1800MHz with internal antenna.
Powerful 32 bit-ARM processor Super fast and silent thermal printer of easy paper loading design, RS232 port for integration with merchant’s ECR system .
Colorful Can be customized into various colors. Standard colors include white & black as well as black.
Mobile Top-Up Yes
International Calling Cards Yes
Online Shopping Vouchers Yes
Prepaid Debit Cards Yes
Online Gaming Yes
Bill Payments Yes