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€4, €8, €12, €20, €40

Up to 1 Month

What is PrimTel WiFi?

A Wi-Fi enabled device can connect to the Internet when within range of a wireless network. Primtel has a long list of access points you can find on their website You simply switch on your Notebook or hand device in area that a PrimeTel WiFi hotspot exists. Activate the Wireless feature of your device. Open the web browser and the Prime Tel WiFi page will appear automatically.


1 hour

5 hours

24 hours

1 week

1 month







You can purchase your top up voucher from your nearest outlet and receive your printed slip with your own 10-digit PIN.

Take note that PrimeTel WiFi pin is valid instantly from the time of activation and will expire after the prepaid time limit.


For Free customer support dial 133