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€5, €10, €20, €30, €50

90 days

What is Vectone mobile?

Vectone mobile is a prepaid service offering low call rates for local, national, and international calls, plus savings on SMS and roaming. Vectone Mobile is part of the Vectone group of companies, a respected international phone network.

What does the Vectone mobile starter pack contain?

The starter pack includes a Vectone SIM card and an information booklet to help you get started.

Step 1: Put your new SIM in your mobile phone

Step 2: Turn your mobile on and select Vectone Mobile

Step 3: Enter your Vectone Mobile PIN code, found on the back of the SIM card


Step 4: Add credit by purchasing multifunctional vouchers

Helpful functions

  • How to check your Vectone Mobile number

From your phone press *105# send. Your number will automatically display on screen

  • Retrieve voicemail

Dial 3331 from your Vectone Mobile or +4550635060 if you are abroad. All voicemail messages (whether played, un-played or saved) will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

  • To check preloaded credit

Dial *102# followed by call key

How to top up

  1. Key in *101*
  2. Enter the 10 digit PIN number found on your voucher
  3. Enter the # key
  4. Press call – all done


Help line: 322 (free from your Vectone Mobile)

Or call +35794199853