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€5, €10, €20, €35, €50

365 days

What is PrimeTel Pay As You Go?

PrimeTel PAY AS YOU GO is a prepaid mobile telephony connection offering low charges, cheap SMS and Mobile Internet without commitments.

Low and simple rates within Cyprus, 24 hours a day, every day.

Local calls to landline numbers and mobile with any local network: €0.075/minute charged per second, with no minimum call charge.

Cheap SMS to PrimeTel numbers, €0.0151 and to all local networks €0.0202

Cheap international calls to Greece, Great Britain, Russia and other destinations

Cheap Internet from your mobile, only €0.1513/MB (even cheaper MB if you choose one of our PAY AS YOU GO Mobile Internet)

 Top-Up Rewards

  • The Primetel Pay As You Go connection pack offers you the opportunity to communicate without any commitments or contracts and to top up your account whenever you want.
  • Your package will have a user guide that contains all the information you need to get started
  • Simple and low charges, free communication, cheap SMS and Mobile Internet without commitments
  • Local calls to fixed and mobile, any time, any network, charged per second, without minimum call charge
  • Cheap International calls to United Kingdom, Greece, Russia and other destinations
  • You have the choice of keeping your existing phone number or get a new one

Get your Primetel connection activated

Insert the SIM card into your mobile handset.

Turn on your mobile phone and enter your PIN number located on the back of SIM card holder and press “ok”. Dial 133 and choose your language preference. Then follow the instructions you hear. If you have already reserved a number from the primetel website you will be asked to enter your unique reference number. If you have not reserved a number via the PrimeTel website you may choose to either:

– Accept a random number


– Select from a range of numbers primetel will send to your handset

Once you have confirmed and activated your number, your PrimeTel Mobile account will be valid for 30 days. This period will be extended by 365 days each time you top up our account

Airtime Top Up

How to top up your account:

Dial *133* your secret number # then send

To transfer credit to another primetel mobile type *121#

To check your balance Type *133#

Customer helpline:133

TopUp Bonus

Included Airtime

Bonus Bonus Validity Period
Top Up €5


Talk time- 20 min.

Free SMS – 20

Free Mobile – –

   30 days
Top Up €10


Talk time-100 min.

Free SMS – 150

Free Mobile-100MB

30 days
Top Up €20


Talk time-250 min.

Free SMS – 300

Free Mobile-200MB

30 days
Top Up €35


Talk time-450min.

Free SMS – 600

Free Mobile-350MB

 30 days
Top Up €50



Free SMS – 800

Free Mobile-500MB

30 days